I have always had a fascination for photography ever since I can remember as a child but somewhere along the way got lost in the mumbo jumbo of life and didn’t pursue it.  Now at 40 I am on a journey to self discovery and I found that I absolutely love photography and the world you get lost in behind the lens. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my work as I progress through this journey! I have been shooting with a Nikon D7100 (my 1st  and only DSLR camera….for now) for a few years now and strive to continue to learn everything I can so that I will be able to share photographs as I see them through my lens. There is so much I have learned in the past few years and so much more that I want to learn that I wish I could have got started on this much earlier in life.



All images are copyrighted © 2013 – 2016 Laura K. Buchanan. All Rights Reserved.

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